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THREE PHASES EI SILICON STEEL SHEET WITH HOLES Introduction: Three phases EI silicon steel sheet with holes, also be called 3 Phase EI Lamination with holes, the main size is from EI80-EI500 in our factory. Grade of raw material :0.23 mm P085, P090 etc; 0.30 mm Q110, Q120 etc; 0.35 mm P135, P155etc; 0.5 mm W1300, W1000, W800, W600, W470, W400 etc, all of the grades mentioned in the technical data. at the same time, we can match Chinese steel according to your steel data About the quality, the bur of the core is from 0-0.05 mm, and the width of the core is negative tolerance, such as the order of coils is 90mm, the actual dimension is 89.95mm-90.00mm. Specifications of 3 Phase EI Lamination: TYPEABCDEFGHJKNR EI80-6H8080161616486416648646 EI93-6H9385.8181819.546.56619.566.39.75756 EI95-4H9590191919527119719.5766 EI100-4H/6H100902020205070207010806 EI100A-4H/6H1001002020206080208010806 EI110-4H1101102222226688228811886 EI122.2-4H122.2116.722.222.227.861.188.927.888.913.91006 EI125-4H/6H125125252525751002510012.51006 EI150-4H/6H1501353030307510530105151208 EI150A-4H/6H1501503030309012030120151208 EI160-4H1601443232328011232112161287 EI160A-4H1601603232329612832128161288 EI175-4H175155353535701203512017.51408 EI175A-4H175157.535353587.5122.535122.517.51408 EI175B-4H1751753535351051403514017.51408 EI190-4H19017138383895133381331915210 EI190A-4H/6H190190383838114152381521915210 EI200-4H200180404040100140401402016010 EI200A-4H200200404040120160401602016010 EI220-6H220220444444132176441762217610 EI225-4H2252254545451351804518022.518010 EI228.6-6H228.6205.745.745.745.7114.316045.716022.85182.99 EI250-6H250250505050150200502002520010 EI250A-4H250225505050125175501752520010 EI250B-4H250245505050145195501952520010 EI300-4H300300606060180240602403024012 EI300A-4H300270606060150210602103024012 EI350-4H350350707070210280702803528012 EI400-4H400400808080240320803204032014 EI415-6H415373.5838383207.5290.583290.541.533211 EI450-4H450450909090270360903604536014 EI500-4H5005001001001003004001004005040014 Detail: ● Application: Transformer, Electric Reactor etc ● Original: Jiangyin, China ● Certification: ISO9001, PONY, SGS, RoHS. REACH ● Delivery date: Negotiable ● Market: Middle East/ Africa/Asia/South America/Europe/North America ● MOQ: 1000KG ● Packing: export standard a. Carton:25kg/Ctn (25.2kg-25.3kg gross weight ) b. Package:1000kg-2000kg/Pallet; 1000kg/Wooden box c. According to the requirement we have the Fumigation pallets(IPPC) and Non- fumigation palletslaminated silicon steel for sale website: